On the 19th of March 2019, we held an urchin aquaculture workshop at the University of Melbourne with participants from industry, government and the university sector to have a discussion about the future of sea urchin aquaculture in Australia (to see the schedule, click here). We also had two distinguished guest speakers from Japan: Yoshi Oyama and Prof. Hiroki Yagi.

Each of the PowerPoint presentations given at the workshop can be found below.

Urchin meeting 1

2019 Sea Urchin Aquaculture workshop


Industry Perspectives 

Overview of the Japanese market: Yoshi Oyama, Japan International Food & Aquaculture Society.

Development of Tripnuestes aquacultureAdrian Smith, Mugenuni

Tasmanian urchin industry: Dr Imogen Fullagar, Weathering Change

Development of Heliocidaris aquaculture: Dr Scott Grierson, Aquatrophic


Current Research and Development aquaculture projects around Australia 

Tripneustes aquaculture in NSW: Dr Ben Mos, Southern Cross University

Heliocidaris in Victoria: Dr Fletcher Warren-Myers, University of Melbourne

Heliocidaris in Tasmania: Dr John Keane, University of Tasmania

Seaweed culture for urchin diets in Japan: Prof. Hiroki Yagi, Otaru University of Commerce, Hokkaido

Urchin dietDr David Francis, Deakin University