Tripneustes gratilla

Boosting the productivity of sea urchin aquaculture using a dietary intervention

This AgriFutures Australia grant will boost the profitability of the commercial production of tropical sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla in Australia. The project will fine tune methods for commercial scale spat production and produce technology for very high density grow out of this species. Lower production costs and increased productivity will increase the profitability of the industry.

The sea urchin, Tripneustes gratilla, has great aquaculture potential as it is fast growing and native to both Australia and Japan. Work done by our research team based at Southern Cross University’s National Marine Science Centre has shown Tripneustes can be grown from egg to harvestable adult in only 6 – 9 months. Tripneustes has established acceptance and high value in the Japanese sea urchin market. Australia has an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this native sea urchin, with access to high quality, warm water aquaculture sites and a clean green image.

For details of our AgriFutures Australia grant, visit:

Note: AgriFutures is the new trading name for Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation.


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